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TIAMA name change

“TIAMA – msc & sgcc”, the international process and quality control expert changes its corporate name to “TIAMA”

We are pleased to announce that on December the 1st “TIAMA-msc & sgcc” changes definitely its company name to “TIAMA”.
This evolution has been prepared for several years.

TIAMA is the combination of two major players of the hollow glass inspection market with truly similar paths and a half-century experience: SGCC and MSC

In 2008, both companies joined forces under the umbrella of the TIAMA group. In 2011, all the external communication and more generally the corporate identity started carrying the double branding “TIAMA – msc & sgcc”.

This new corporate name responds to a will for identity simplification and brand strengthening. The visual brand is now just “TIAMA”, consequently the company changes its email addresses from  @msc-sgcc.com to @tiama.com. Both of these email structures will allow you to reach all of your TIAMA contacts during our transition period.

No revolution though, TIAMA legal status and identification numbers do not change, “neither our vision & strategy, nor people” adds Ursula BAUDRY, the marketing & communication manager.

Today, TIAMA remains a global provider offering a one-stop-shopping that covers

5 product ranges:

  • IT intelligence tools for real-time analysis and management of plant performances: “Tiama IQ range”
  • Process monitoring solutions: I-Care (Hot imaging), the new range: “Tiama HOT systems” (HOT mass, HOT move, HOT lab…)
  • Glass article quality control: vision and carrousel technologies such as MCAL4, MULTI4 and MX4
  • Traceability solutions: laser code engraving and readers
  • Complete range of service activities: customer local support, multilingual on-line spare-parts catalogs, tooling, repairs and refurbishment.

Naturally we stay available to give any further detail you may request.

ZA des Plattes
1 Chemin des Plattes
69390 Vourles FRANCE
contact: marketing@tiama.com