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Discover our high expertise in international trade

Tiama’s Sales Administration team


Sales Administration is a key player in the sales team since we are the interface between customers, suppliers, providers and internal services. Our main mission is to process sales records, from the preparation of offers, to the confirmation of orders, the organization of logistics and to the final payment. 

We are versatile, reactive, proactive and able to adapt to each customer according to their culture. 

We have an expert knowledge of all the practices related to International Trade, considering that Tiama is exporting to over 75 countries. We know the rules related to international transport and customs, and we also control many secure means of payment.  

Our key phrase is CLIENT SATISFACTION; this is our everyday target. 

A strong TIAMA administration team

Figure of the ADV Pole with the number of people by occupation

The customer portfolio of the sales coordinators is distributed according to geographic and linguistic criteria. Versatility and communication within a region are essential to the proper function of the service.

Map Asia-Middle East Region
Northern Europe – Africa – Maghreb Region
Extended Southern Europe Region
Sales Administration is also composed of our international team:
4 people in the USA
1 person in China
1 person in Russia

Tools for our expertise


Aile d'avion en plein vole, avec un ciel bleu et des nuages en fond– An ERP system: Microsoft AX
– An approved exporter status
– All modes of transport : air / sea / road
– Export documentation: CMR consignment note, B/L, AWB, certificates of origin via the GEFI utility, EUR1, ATR, SASO certificates, Pre-shipment Inspection Certificates, etc.
– Various Incoterms : EXW, FCA, CFR, CIF, CPT, CIP, DAP, DDP
– Secure international payment means: Letters of Credit, Cash against documents, international guarantees,etc.


A team dedicated to  machine projects / kits / options / toolings / service quotes / service contracts

Long and complex projects that require expertise in export techniques as well as international payment methods (such as letters of credit, international guarantees,etc.). Orders managed can reach several million euros. The sales coordinator is a true partner with the salesperson , and both are committed to putting the customer at the center of the priorities so that they can give them the best possible service.

A team dedicated to the management of spare parts

A position that is close to clients and which requires a high level of responsiveness (response commitment within 48 hours) as well as a very specific knowledge of export techniques. An order can have only 1 reference, but some orders can include more than 100 items. The team also manages  access to our online catalog and updates of the customer’s machine fleet in that catalog.

A team dedicated to technical support

Their main mission is to provide technical assistance to sales coordinators. Through their support, the team is able to provide  complete technical details of the material shipped which may be required by customs, or customers. Their help is also valuable in determining which references must be ordered by our customers in order to assure that they can provide optimal service. We have 19,000 references available in our catalog.



Our Strengths to serve our customers

  • A pleasant working atmosphere
  • Teamwork and a helpful spirit
  • A dynamic and multi-generational team (22 to 59 years old)
  • Multicultural : different nationalities make up the team: Mexican / Brazilian / American / Cuban / Colombian / Russian / Chinese and French
  • Multilingual: our main objective is to be as close as possible to the client providing maximum service by allowing him to speak his own language. Everyone on the team speaks English, but we also have members who speak French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian and Chinese.
  • A key position in the company: sales administration is at the heart of the sales mechanism, a true conductor that connects a multitude of internal services so that the customer is fully satisfied.


A desire for continuous improvement and information exchange

L'équipe ADV en réunion

Communication within a team is essential. For this reason, we organize monthly meetings to exchange information on internal processes and their evolution.

The business projects under development are discussed so that everyone is involved and ready to mobilize and carry them out. The measured objectives are reviewed with the entire team.

Team members also share their daily lives to ensure that everyone can get the benefits from the challenges one might encounter with a project or geographical area, but also the achievements and successes that make this job an environment where one never gets bored and where each new export can turn out to be a real adventure.

Other Tiama departments are invited to participate in these meetings in order to strengthen corporate cohesion and information exchange within the organization. This allows everyone to have a clear view of the function of each department or activity.

These meetings give us the opportunity to highlight good practices, and everyone can discuss tips that could facilitate the team’s work (e.g.: IT Utility, ERP Tip etc…).

In the spirit of continuous improvement, the sales administration team also participates in varied internal training (product range training, office tools,etc.) and external training (international business practices, international payment means, foreign languages,etc.).

Thanks to all these advantages, at Tiama, we ensure that everyone can feel fulfilled in the team. Once we’ve joined the team, we don’t want to leave it anymore…


About the authors:

Catherine HUCHON & Gabriela ISSINDOUCatherine HUCHON
Machines Sales Administration Manager
& Gabriela ISSINDOU
Spare Part Sales Administration Manager

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Dive into the Agile method @Tiama

Aren’t you tired of stacking papers as a project specification?

Innovation, involvement, proximity and quality of service are at the heart of our corporate culture. We are already working with Agile method on all our software developments.

Man explaining how work agility


The Agile method at Tiama places the needs of the customer at the center of the project’s priorities. It allows close collaboration between R & D and Marketing. The Development and Validation teams are integrated into the project right from the specification and planning phases.

As a fierce defender of the information sharing, you will become essential to the smooth running of the project.


The planning of a release is the result of a close collaboration between the developers, the validation team and the marketing department. The marketing team considers everyone’s experience to maximize the added value produced. These planning phases provide visibility into the list of upcoming features and tasks. The presence of the validation team during the planning phases makes it possible to keep the acceptance tests up-to-date. In addition, the acceptance tests are in line with the expectations of the marketing department.


You will apply a structured technique to the project management


A man confirms a sprintThe course of a sprint includes the development of the planned features. A quick progress report on the work is done is every morning which allows to synchronize the development and validation teams.
A sprint also includes design times during which the technical analysis of the next sprints’ features is performed as well as the analysis of dependencies to other expertise such as automation, optics and electronics.
At the end of each sprint, the development team performs a machine demo during which each developer presents to the marketing department, the new features he has developed. It is up to the marketing department to validate the conformity between the developments realized and the expected. This demo is the result of the work of each member of the team.


With Agile method ,you will be involved in a product-oriented quality approach


Infographic that explain steps in Tiama's sprint in agile methodAll the iterations are concluded by a retrospective. It is a dedicated-time during which each member of the team gives his opinion on the functioning of the team during various workshops. The result is a list of improvement actions.
These retrospective phases enable to continuously improve the process and methods of work.
In this new process, the role of the project manager is to ensure the proper synchronization of all the expertise in the R&D but also outside of this department. He monitors the progress of the project through cost and time parameters. He takes part to the planning and retrospective phases.


If you join us, you will have the opportunity to work using an adapted and modular method.

When developing projects, your customer will be a priority and this is what builds today’s Tiama success.


About the author :

Christophe BABOIN : author of the articleChristophe BABOIN
Coach Agile : In charge of the implementation and the enhancement of the Agile method at Tiama