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European Day at TIAMA!


Last December, TIAMA celebrated EUROPE.
The teams wanted to bring
the diversity out of the European nations as a continent.

This afternoon was warmed up by the rousing sound of the POP group named DIVA FAUNE.

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TIAMA & GLASSTEC 2016 / September 20-23

GLASSTEC 2016 is coming soon.
Join us between Tuesday 20th and Friday 23th of September on our booth 14F34 (Hall 14) to discover our complete range of products:

  • bandeau-noms-COMPLETSIT intelligence tools for real-time analysis and management of plant performances: “Tiama INTELLIGENCE systems
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Sisecam Glass Packaging orders Tiama’s ATLAS

Sisecam Glass Packaging, Europe’s fourth largest glass packaging producer, has ordered 42 ATLAS glass packaging control systems from Tiama.

The ATLAS is a non-contact check detection system that uses  cameras to detect all imperfections in the finish, heel, shoulder and bottom of bottles and jars.

ATLAS detection

Sisecam Glass Packaging, which is affiliated to the Sisecam Group, has a total production capacity of 2.3 million tonnes a year.

Sisecam Glass Packaging is 80 years old and has production in 10 plants in four countries. Its partnership with Tiama has lasted for more than 10 years, meaning the French real-time process and quality controls company is now one of its main suppliers.

The collaboration consists of close support to Sisecam Glass Packaging’s hollow glass activities.

All carousel machines in Sisecam Glass Packaging’s three Turkish factories will be equipped with the ATLAS system by the end of 2016.
Sisecam Glass Packaging will therefore become the world’s largest user of ATLAS with 92 machines installed.

The ATLAS system benefits are adjustability, reduced job-change time, reduced human factor on the quality of settings and quick payback.

Sisecam Glass Packaging has already benefited from Tiama’s international after-sales network with two local engineers available to ensure
proximity and support to its needs.

It has also taken advantage of the remote connection that gives Tiama’s engineers direct access to the Turkish fleet of machines.
The partnership also includes further scheduled trials and demonstrations.

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TIAMA New Press Campaign

TIAMA is pleased to present you its new press campaign!

Until now the customer had to shop around according to what he wanted to inspect, monitor or trace. One company sold hot end products, the other cold end, another traceability machinery and so on. In other words, he was never able to “get the FULL picture

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Wiegand Glas Approves of Tiama HOT lab system

PAGE 16 – Glass International, May 2016 – Interview with Wiegand Glas

Wiegand Glas’s Production manager, Karl-Heinz Mann, and Production specialist, Konrad Neubauer, discuss the glassmaker’s relationship with Tiama and the installation of its Tiama HOT lab system.

“[…]Wiegand Glas is one of the top three container glass manufacturers in Germany. It produces more than eight million glass containers per day for the beverage (wine & beer) and food industries at its four plants in Steinbach am Wald, Großbreitenbach,
Schleusingen and Ernstthal. With recorded sales of €480 million for 2015, Nikolaus Wiegand and Oliver Wiegand are the fourth generation to run the family-owned company, and rely on tradition and modern technology at the same time.

The glassmaker has worked closely with Tiama, the international real-time process and quality control company, since 1995. Among its acquisitions, Wiegand-Glas has equipped two of its production sites with Tiama’s HOT lab systems.Tiama HOT lab is designed to work in the hot end and collect dimensional measurement data such as container lean, ovality, glass thickness, weight, sunk and bulge and now internal bore diameters. This data would traditionally be provided from the cold end, thereby reducing informational dimensional feedback as there was a time delay of the annealing lehr length. Using basic go/no go gauges at the hot end is out dated, cumbersome, time consuming and does not provide ‘real’ measurement data.[…]”

YOU CAN READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE:  Wiegand Glas approves of Tiama HOT lab

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Tiama HOT lab presentation at Glassman Middle-East

We kindly inform you that Tiama will present during Glassman Middle-East on the 10th of May at 3PM its Tiama HOT lab system dedicated to hot-end measurements of containers dimensions.

Discover the abstract here:  “Hot end measurements of containers dimensions”

Glass container manufacturers face day after day the task of hand measuring containers with go/ no-go gauges. Its Limitations include the time delay when making these dimensional measurements at the cold end, the consequential increased reaction time, and the final increase in production costs.

TIAMA HOT lab is the first equipment to provide fast, accurate, semi-automated dimensional measurements for a wide range of glass containers at the hot end, helping to eliminate the time delay of the annealing lehr, thereby improving the glassmaking process and reducing costs associated with annealing time.

It is part of the TIAMA HOT systems family, a modular product range that is totally dedicated to hot end monitoring. TIAMA HOT systems comprise technological ‘bricks’ that are designed specifically to provide simple, efficient process optimization solutions.

TIAMA HOT lab is designed to work at the hot end and collect dimensional measurement data such as container lean, ovality, glass thickness, sunk and bulge and internal bore diameters. Providing container measurement dimensional data at the hot end is a major breakthrough for increasing productivity and profits, and keeping the process of glassmaking under control.

The TIAMA HOT lab not only provides informational dimensional feedback but also comes standard with its own data analysis software and on-board database storage, to save and view historical data.

In order to reduce the operator’s time spent at the machine, TIAMA also offers a universal automatic loading solution.

The TIAMA HOT lab has three main uses:
· Problem solving when measuring a single cavity.
· Job changes and sampling when measuring one section at a time.
· Measuring full set outs during normal running production, using the automatic loading option.

Being adapted to customers’ needs and providing continuous development of the latest software features ensures the TIAMA HOT lab product meets today’s market requirements and has become a standard solution for tomorrow’s demanding production requirements. During our presentation, we will go in depth in the TIAMA HOT lab design, showing  performance and operating methods, as well as exposing the return on investment of such a tool.

Presentation made by Jean-Vincent JINOT – “Hot-End & Vision Product Manager at Tiama”
Meet us in Glassman Middle-East on our booth GC5 – 54m².

Hot end measurements of containers dimensions
Hot end measurements
of containers dimensions