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Tiama Customer Interview #1 – Frederick Brandt – Consol Glass

We got the chance to interview Frederick Brandt, Consol Glass cold end specialist to get his full testimony about his use of Tiama Simulator for the past 3 years.

He gave us his feedback about his daily use, the number of article files, the time saved, the return on investment of the tool… You will find all the answers in this video.

If the video does not work click here to watch it on Youtube.

So, what are you waiting for to order your own Tiama Simulator?

Contact Romain Lechifflart, our Service Business Developer for more information:

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Tiama and Ermi, a successful collaboration

Mid 2019, Tiama and Ermi decided to enter a cooperation bringing their complementary skills together to guarantee an adequate support to all customers with a perfect continuity, and to offer a qualified service.

With more than 15 years of experience, 2 retrofit sites in France (Nangis) and Portugal (near Porto), and a strong know-how, Ermi already upgraded or renovated more than 500 machines for plants located in 14 different countries, since 2005.

The 2 companies coming together allowed Ermi to improve its production tools. Thanks to this, the new site of Nangis was created, an extension was made to the site of Portugal and some new equipment were also added in both plants.

Today, Ermi works thoroughly on the maintenance, renovation, and upgrade of carousel machines among the 2,400 of the Tiama machines fleet installed worldwide or even among the carousel machines from other suppliers.

Tiama and Ermi collaboration is a success and Ermi represents a perfect fit for Tiama and all the special projects and cases they deal with.

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Press Release: TIAMA Inspection Worldwide Acquires VIMEC

On May 31st, Tiama Inspection Worldwide announced the acquisition of VIMEC. Based in Eindhoven (Netherlands) and with more than 30 years of experience, VIMEC is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of non-molded glass control & inspection for the pharmaceutical industry segment.

VIMEC developed strong expertise in controlling vials, ampoules, syringes, and cartridges at different steps of their production thanks to its machine vision solutions.

Most recently, VIMEC has been providing dedicated services for the inspection of vials used for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Tiama’s objectives are to speed up VIMEC’s growth by developing synergies (R&D, purchasing, etc.) and increasing VIMEC’s Sales and Services presence to a worldwide level.

Tiama also plans to bring technologies it has already developed for food & beverage glass defect recognition (artificial intelligence, deep learning, etc.) to this pharmaceutical segment.

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Tiama successfully commissions IQ Scan at Siam Glass Rojana

Tiama has successfully commissioned its Manufacturing Execution System at Siam Glass Rojana Plant

Siam Glass Thailand, an affiliate of Osotspa Co, has installed Tiama IQ Scan system onto four lines in its Rojana plant. The installation was successfully completed early 2020.

The Thailand energy drink market leader, along with its own container supplier, has chosen a Tiama solution to monitor its new glass factory performance. To meet the increasing demand, Osotspa recently opened this new glass factory with world-class technologies that help lower costs, that enhance production capacity and are eco-friendly.

With more than 30 years of experience in information system solutions for the glass industry and more than 70 plants equipped worldwide, Tiama with its IQ Scan is helping to improve efficiency and operations by monitoring the plant in real time.

Siam Glass currently uses Tiama IQ Scan at management level, hot end, cold end, but also in Quality and Moldshop departments.

The commissioning was also possible thanks to Tiama local presence in Thailand with a Customer Support team, based in Bangkok. with five after-sales engineers fully dedicated to the region’s market. This team, staffed by French and Thai nationals, is part of Tiama mission statement to provide its customers with rapid-response technical service.

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Tiama Cold Lab: a new solution for automatic sampling

A new automatic sampling solution

This Tiama new solution is a laboratory machine that can be integrated in the production line for automatic sampling. Designed for round and non-round containers, Tiama Cold Lab presents two main advantages. First, the automatic loading will remove the low value of manual sampling operations, it will also reduce the workload and increase the profitability of the glassmakers. Then, the automatization of the measurements, by reducing the human factor, makes the machine less dependent on an operator’s level of expertise. These 2 advantages make the Tiama Cold lab a reliable machine increasing the overall sampling frequency, precision and efficiency of the procedure. It will then resolve one of the main issues that glassmakers had since it will remove the high constraint on quality human resources.


A full range of measurements

The multi-station delivers a full range of precise and accurate measurements including the finish and body measurements such as D angle, sunk and bulge, verticality and bent neck.

Optional features can be added: internal bore gauge by compass and laser (13-32mm depth, up to 47mm), weight by high precision weighting scale (0 to 2kg) or thickness by chromatic probe (0,5 to 8mm). Tiama also wanted to add some complementary, optional, measurements such as pressure, volume, capacity and impact, which is possible thanks to its collaboration with Somex Innovation.

This is an extract from an article published in a magazine. To read the entire article click here.

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ISO certification obtained by Tiama: one more step to increase customer satisfaction

At the end of 2018, after years of growth in our organization and the rise of our subsidiaries in China and the United States, we collectively asked ourselves the following questions: “How can we better serve our customers?”, “How do we make them take full advantage of the power of our organization?”, “How can we improve their satisfaction with choosing TIAMA as a provider of monitoring and control solutions?” and, let’s be honest, “how do we get them to be partners rather than customers?”

It was then clear for us, that the first step in achieving these objectives was to improve our quality management system and have it certified.

On March 25, 2019, our CEO, Max HODEAU, officially launched this company project for TIAMA ISO 9001 certification.

ISO 9001 specifies the requirements for the Quality Management System to demonstrate our ability to consistently deliver a product or service that meets the requirements of customers, both legal and regulatory. But more importantly for us, the main purpose of this certification is to increase customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system in place.

All the teams organized themselves to build the Tiama Quality Management System. This has allowed us to question our processes and our practices: Is this the best way to carry out this activity? How can we be more effective? What can we simplify? We have also worked on our risks and opportunities, to take appropriate actions and to increase our performance.

Several working groups have been set up to redefine certain activities and work on areas of improvement. Collaborative tools have been deployed to support our Quality Management System, such as Teams, which allows co-editing on our working versions, and SharePoint, which allows for centralized documentation and accessibility for all.

It was thanks to this general momentum that the Tiama Quality Management System was developed in record time. It was then audited internally and then externally to test it, perfect it and finally validate it.

This team work and its enthusiasm were rewarded in February 2020 by obtaining ISO 9001 certification following the AFNOR audit.

We are very pleased with this result, which is a great reward for all the work done by all Tiama employees, but we keep in mind that certification is only the first step towards continuous improvement and satisfaction for all our customers.

We can therefore say that the adventure is just beginning…

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Lockdown: we stay connected@Tiama

[We’re still standing… yeah, yeah, yeah]
We, the #TIAMAteam, found new ways to stay linked & connected during this completely unsual period.

It’s been 3 weeks now (ALREADY “3”?!!!) that we organized ourselves to ALSO maintain our informal (usual) communication. This type of communication is, in fact, fully part of our corporate culture. Usually, we enjoy discussing & joking together on an everyday basis at the coffee machine, in our offices or basically almost everywhere… pushing Tiama activity further.

Obviously, this is not possible anymore.

Since, the very first days, visio TEAMS meetings at 15 started to pop-up here and there ( in the background children laughing or comments from ” plus ones”)… BUT it was no longer possible to meet each other in person & discuss with people you are less related professionally to.

This is why we imagined, starting the very first week of lockdown,
the Tiama LinkedTEAM concept.
A private “NEWS” web-page on our intranet (we’re using sharepoint), well not exactly regular news – only funny & quirky ones. The TiamaTEAM mates are entirely co-writing the content by sharing personal feelings, jokes, pics, videos, ideas and more…
We release one page per week shared with 321 readers around the globe.

By the way,  we would love to share all the Tiama secrets  (& challenges) edited on those pages with you, dear readers,
all you have to do now is just… JOIN the TiamaTEAM 😉

Ursula B. (Employer Branding girl) from Irigny-Village.

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ATLAS – smart camera check detection beyond expectations

With its strong know-how acquired with our customer’s expertise and its 600 ATLAS installed in glass plants, Tiama would like to thank all its customers who participated in this success since 2006 with self-learning and automated camera check detection.

ATLAS device - Tiama check detection

Smart modular offer based on customer real needs

The ATLAS offer is divided in 3 main modules, each dedicated to specific functions:

  • Ring inspection
  • Shoulder inspection
  • Heel inspection

This segmentation has been thought to address real customer needs and expectations. Who could imagine inspecting only vertical cracks on a ring without ensuring a global ring control to certify that no check defect is present in this area?

However, despite this modular offer, customers, in a huge proportion, decided to purchase the full configuration including all the modules.

The 16 cameras distributed over these 3 subsets are working with 4 different modulations to strictly avoid any possible optical interference. A very easy principle to understand is that the light does not stop at the station edges. It spreads all around the light sources in any direction and reflects on all the objects in the surrounding, even stronger when most of the objects are in glass material. Therefore, even if other market players do not consider it as essential, it is an absolute necessity to synchronize the different control acquisitions with each other.

When adjusting the ATLAS, there is no need to worry about the sensor positioning depending on the other sensor adjustments but only depending on the default to detect.

Smart self-learning

No human factor is to be considered for the ATLAS setting adjustment. The inspection result does not depend on the adjuster know-how but on the machine design. The same settings quality is granted with any technician, all the time.

The ATLAS does not require any sample to be adjusted. The machine is already set to detect defects when the very first article is coming through. The settings will then continuously get improved during the learning phase and beyond. The ATLAS system only requires 500 containers to reach its maximal performances… Anyway, which glass maker pretends to sell the firsts 500 containers of a new batch to its customers? The ATLAS profits from these firsts containers traditionally sent to the cullet conveyor to auto set itself.

The other advantage of this learning process is the job change time optimization. For a new container, the job change is reduced to only 15 minutes when equivalent systems on the market require 1 hour to reach the same level of performances.

ATLAS is the only solution on the market offering such features and associated performance for a calculated payback of less than 1 year.

Smart Data

The ATLAS device has been a pioneer of the smart industry even before the concept itself existed. The dynamic masks technology and self-learning concept have been implemented in the ATLAS system in 2007 when the term of “Industrie 4.0” originated only in 2011 at the Hanover Fair.

The last release of the ATLAS software is strongly pushing in getting more embedded intelligence to assist the adjuster in its decisions. The learning process includes smart tools to automatically prevent from any potential risk of compromising the dynamic masks.

An automated virtual sample test is integrated to realize settings simulation before their application to the production.

All these tools allow Tiama to grant the ATLAS for the highest repeatability on small complex checks, decreased risks of quality complains & increased productivity.

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TOP 10 Machine Vision solution providers in Europe 2019

Beyond the scope of Inspection

For decades, the glass industry has been conservative and risk-averse, and relied on traditional methodologies due to the complex physical and chemical processes involved in crafting a diversity of glass containers. Glass manufacturing companies are now investing heavily into big data analytics to overcome these complexities, and boost product quality. But data analytics is not enough. These plants need to constantly upgrade their equipment for improved production efficiency at reduced ownership costs. However, it is quite cumbersome to manage the existing equipment and their spare parts and purchase new equipment, while maintaining flexibility and versatility throughout the glass manufacturing process. Rising up to this challenge is Tiama—a global data and quality control provider.

Tiama offers a turnkey equipment as a service (EaaS) solution to empower glass companies with the best-fit machines, and unparalleled inspection and quality control. “This turnkey solution combines manufacturing equipment with service-level agreements, and big data to help clients make informed decisions pertaining to the glass manufacturing process in real-time,” states Max Hodeau, CEO of Tiama. With a significant global presence and substantial revenue, Tiama leads the charge to spark innovation and competency in maximizing glass production process efficiency. The company goes the extra mile to tackle the perturbing capital expenditures (CapEx) cost swings from recurring activities such as machine upgrades and refurbishment via subscription-based business model.

As these recurring activities demand high-fidelity data analytics across the plant, Tiama appends machine vision, what it calls “the heart of the process,” to the glass manufacturing framework. This technology coupled with an ‘auto-set’ feature of EaaS enables clients to configure their equipment per the type of glass container process they wish to control. From defining shape and colour to packaging and rejecting defects, the company leverages machine vision to cover it all. Tiama additionally helps the clients realise the benefits of investing in machine learning (ML), and helps them set up new equipment at the push of a button. That being said, a plant’s performance is not determined by just the capabilities of the machine, but also the skills of the machine operators. Tiama bridges this skill-gap with its proficient resident engineers.

This is an extract of an article published in the magazine “Manufacturing Technology Insights”. To read the full article click here.