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Combination of Tiama HOT systems and Tiama ECO-System

For several years now, TIAMA has been one of the most important providers of solutions dedicated to the hot end. The Tiama HOT systems are sensors located all around the IS machine, from the gob with the Tiama HOT mass, to the exit of the IS machine with the Tiama HOT eye, the Tiama HOT form and the Tiama HOT move. Each sensor has specific features to meet different customers’ expectations, but all share the same electrical cabinet. With this modular approach, customers can gradually invest over the years to facilitate the integration of these systems into their plant. 

In recent years, customer needs have changed in factories, and more and more of them want their different systems to be able to communicate with each other. To fulfill this need TIAMA has developed a solution called the Tiama ECO-System.  

Tiama ECO-System is a web page available anywhere in the plant, gathering the different data from all the TIAMA machines. The Tiama HOT systems range is fully integrated into the Tiama ECO-System. Images of the articles rejected at the hot end by the Tiama HOT eye and the Tiama HOT form, and also by the cold end machines, the MCAL4 and MULTI4 are displayed in the “Gallery” menu of the Tiama ECO-System. In the “Analytics” menu, statistics of rejects by machines and detections are represented over time or by section or mold numbers. The Tiama ECO-System facilitates the link between the hot end and the cold end. It is even possible to link the cavity with the mold numbers and to apply the lehr time to get an accurate correlation between what happened at the hot end and at the cold end for the same batch of articles. 

The customers’ feedback on Tiama ECO-System is already very positive and this solution is promising for the coming years with new features available regularly. 

The combination of Tiama HOT systems and Tiama ECO-System is totally in line with Tiama overall strategy to develop solutions gathering and analyzing more and more data all over the plant.  

It is also part of the Smart Glass Solutions provided by Tiama with its YOUniverse concept to support the customers towards Smart Factory. 

Rejects statistics available for TIAMA hot and cold end machines
Images from ALL the TIAMA machines available on the same page
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Welcome to THE CORE – Tiama Group new headquarters

As planned, on the 7th of June, the Tiama group moved in its brand-new headquarters with a modern building of 8800 sqm bringing together our 2 French facilities of Vourles. THE CORE is now based in Saint-Genis-Laval, France, which is only 10 km away from Lyon.

This new building designed by “Z Architecture” and built by “Groupe Cardinal” gathers all the new environmental and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) criteria through the BREEAM  “very good” level of certification.

Our new premises are also meant to improve the customer experience through:

  • A bigger Tiama Training Academy showroom
  • The availability of all our machine range and an interactive room for customers’ Training
  • Comfortable rooms and equipment exclusively dedicated to customers

The whole THE CORE project was conceived to place collaboration and exchange at the heart of Tiama way of working.

The current demands of the labor market are now taken into account in our new offices with a modular, reversible, environmentally friendly building. All together it strengthens teamwork and employee’s well-being.

This new headquarters supports Tiama’s steady growth and confirms the European hub position for all the Group’s entities.

It is fully in line with Tiama’s overall strategy to continue to develop innovation through data exploitation, Agile method and a creativity boosting approach.

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Creation of a Hot end Business Unit at Tiama with a new Director

Tiama started to work on hot end sensors for several years now. The first system launched by Tiama was the I-Care in 2006. Then Tiama bought the Swedish company GE develop in 2012 and integrated the GIA (Gob Image Analyzer) in its hot end product range. In 2014, Tiama introduced the Tiama HOT systems at Glasstec, a full range of sensors dedicated to the hot end.

In order to develop even more this part of the business, and to reinforce its impact on the market, Tiama decided to structure itself and to create at the beginning of this year a Hot end Business Unit with a new Director, Michel Carpentier, coming from the glass fields. Tiama will also double its dedicated hot end team and keep developing their skills in this area of expertise to focus even more on customers’ needs and problems solving.

Michel, who is also part of Tiama board, has many years of experience as Production manager and Plant manager. His global vision of the challenges and needs of the customers are a real strength for Tiama as he will be able to exchange with them on their issues and understand them to find the right solutions.

“Glass quality has always been a hot end process consequence, that is the reason why we think it is so important to invest all our energy and competences in providing efficient hot end sensors, equipment and software, helping our customers in their daily production life” he said.

The creation of this new BU is totally in line with Tiama general strategy. All the Hot end systems are participating to the development of Industry 4.0 and will also provide data to the software developed in our Bottero-Tiama joint venture called launched in March 2022.

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Press release, March 1st 2022.

Dear Valued Glass Customer,

Tiama and Somex are pleased to announce their strategic and exclusive partnership effective on March 1st, 2022.

Tiama as a trusted expert and global provider of real-time data and quality controls for the glass packaging industry.

Somex as an Irish company created in 2000 which has developed a strong portfolio of testing instruments for manufacturers of Glass containers with a complementarity with Tiama range of products.

Both companies’ technologies when combined will allow us to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of testing instruments to our customers and become a more valuable partner to assist you grow your business.

As the industry moves towards increased automation, both Tiama & Somex are well positioned to deliver a comprehensive solution.
While continuing to operate independently, Somex will incorporate the full benefits of Tiama sales force & technical service at worldwide level.

Tiama & Somex greatly value each of our customers’ business and are fully committed, together with our management teams, to ensuring business continuity for you into the future and to develop new projects together.


Benoit BURIN DES ROZIERS                                                                     Brian O’KEEFE
TIAMA CEO                                                                                            SOMEX Founder

Have a look at the official press release HERE

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Tiama Customer Interview #1 – Frederick Brandt – Consol Glass

We got the chance to interview Frederick Brandt, Consol Glass cold end specialist to get his full testimony about his use of Tiama Simulator for the past 3 years.

He gave us his feedback about his daily use, the number of article files, the time saved, the return on investment of the tool… You will find all the answers in this video.

If the video does not work click here to watch it on Youtube.

So, what are you waiting for to order your own Tiama Simulator?

Contact Romain Lechifflart, our Service Business Developer for more information:

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Tiama and Ermi, a successful collaboration

Mid 2019, Tiama and Ermi decided to enter a cooperation bringing their complementary skills together to guarantee an adequate support to all customers with a perfect continuity, and to offer a qualified service.

With more than 15 years of experience, 2 retrofit sites in France (Nangis) and Portugal (near Porto), and a strong know-how, Ermi already upgraded or renovated more than 500 machines for plants located in 14 different countries, since 2005.

The 2 companies coming together allowed Ermi to improve its production tools. Thanks to this, the new site of Nangis was created, an extension was made to the site of Portugal and some new equipment were also added in both plants.

Today, Ermi works thoroughly on the maintenance, renovation, and upgrade of carousel machines among the 2,400 of the Tiama machines fleet installed worldwide or even among the carousel machines from other suppliers.

Tiama and Ermi collaboration is a success and Ermi represents a perfect fit for Tiama and all the special projects and cases they deal with.

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Press Release: TIAMA Inspection Worldwide Acquires VIMEC

On May 31st, Tiama Inspection Worldwide announced the acquisition of VIMEC. Based in Eindhoven (Netherlands) and with more than 30 years of experience, VIMEC is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of non-molded glass control & inspection for the pharmaceutical industry segment.

VIMEC developed strong expertise in controlling vials, ampoules, syringes, and cartridges at different steps of their production thanks to its machine vision solutions.

Most recently, VIMEC has been providing dedicated services for the inspection of vials used for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Tiama’s objectives are to speed up VIMEC’s growth by developing synergies (R&D, purchasing, etc.) and increasing VIMEC’s Sales and Services presence to a worldwide level.

Tiama also plans to bring technologies it has already developed for food & beverage glass defect recognition (artificial intelligence, deep learning, etc.) to this pharmaceutical segment.

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TOP 10 machine vision solution providers

A game changer in glass production inspection 

With an aim to take productivity levels to a new high in the glass packaging industry, Tiama empowers manufacturers with real-time data and quality controls to minimise human intervention. At a time when industries are reaping the befits of Industry 4.0, the France-based company is challenging the conventional inspection process in glass production by combining smart manufacturing and manufacturing intelligence. “We believe in staying a step ahead of the market and technology transformations. Tiama is currently bringing the capabilities of deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence to the glass packaging industry. Apart from the hollow glass inspection in the food and beverage industry, we are continuously exploring new avenues like pharmaceuticals and more for innovative applications,” begins Max Hodeau, CEO, Tiama. 

With experience spanning over half a century, Tiama has 39 patents to its name. These are a result of new products, innovation, and state-of-the-art solutions engineered by Tiama. Their philosophy resonates with the provision of real-time recommendations and technical data to help their customers—the glassmakers. This allows the latter to deliver products with enhanced quality and productivity.  


At the core of Tiama’s rapid growth in the industry is a platform that provides a holistic view of plant productivity and allows stakeholders to make the right decision anywhere at  any time. The company offers a full range of sensors at the hot-end for monitoring multiple factors—such as gob’s weight, shape and temperature, the position of the article, dimensional measurements, infrared emissivity, and more—throughout the production process. When it comes to detecting defects in the articles, des Roziers explains that machine vision can be a game-changer in producing articles that meet the demands of today’s customers. To be successful in this, he states that manufacturers need three important ingredients: a high-performing product, adept services and their data. That said, Tiama’s modular machine vision platform performs a wide range of measurements and controls customised to the specific requirements of the clients. 

This is an extract of an article published in the magazine “Manufacturing Technology Insights”. To read the full article click here.

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Tiama: A full range of services to meet customer satisfaction

In response to the growing demand of services from its customers, TIAMA created a special Service Department in 2016. With a team of 70 engineers (speaking 15 languages) all over the world, and seven technical area managers, TIAMA is now organized to meet all the requests in terms of maintenance, training, technical assistance, audit, etc., and can also rely on all the remote assistance tools offered by the company. By improving key customer indicators, TIAMA also ensures that its range of services offer the best payback possible.

What can Glassmakers expect from Tiama Services ?
Each day of service sold to customers must be designed to improve the final quality of the production process. Four major indicators can be enhanced: resorting rate, final customer claims, machine uptime and false reject rate. The goal that Tiama and its customers want to reach together is to improve one or more of these indicators, for each day of service performed. Each progress, however small, will not only lead to a quality gain, but also to financial savings for the customer.

This is an extract of an article published in a magazine. To read the entire article click here.

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