« Tiama HOT lab » présenté le 10 mai prochain à Glassman Middle-East

Nous vous informons que Tiama présentera pendant le salon Glassman Middle-East , le 10 mai à 15 heures son système de laboratoire à chaud « Tiama HOT lab » dédié aux mesures dimensionnelles au secteur chaud.

Découvrez en avant-première l’abstract :  “Hot end measurements of containers dimensions”

Glass container manufacturers face day after day the task of hand measuring containers with go/ no-go gauges. Its Limitations include the time delay when making these dimensional measurements at the cold end, the consequential increased reaction time, and the final increase in production costs.

TIAMA HOT lab is the first equipment to provide fast, accurate, semi-automated dimensional measurements for a wide range of glass containers at the hot end, helping to eliminate the time delay of the annealing lehr, thereby improving the glassmaking process and reducing costs associated with annealing time.

It is part of the TIAMA HOT systems family, a modular product range that is totally dedicated to hot end monitoring. TIAMA HOT systems comprise technological ‘bricks’ that are designed specifically to provide simple, efficient process optimization solutions.

TIAMA HOT lab is designed to work at the hot end and collect dimensional measurement data such as container lean, ovality, glass thickness, sunk and bulge and internal bore diameters. Providing container measurement dimensional data at the hot end is a major breakthrough for increasing productivity and profits, and keeping the process of glassmaking under control.

The TIAMA HOT lab not only provides informational dimensional feedback but also comes standard with its own data analysis software and on-board database storage, to save and view historical data.

In order to reduce the operator’s time spent at the machine, TIAMA also offers a universal automatic loading solution.

The TIAMA HOT lab has three main uses:
· Problem solving when measuring a single cavity.
· Job changes and sampling when measuring one section at a time.
· Measuring full set outs during normal running production, using the automatic loading option.

Being adapted to customers’ needs and providing continuous development of the latest software features ensures the TIAMA HOT lab product meets today’s market requirements and has become a standard solution for tomorrow’s demanding production requirements. During our presentation, we will go in depth in the TIAMA HOT lab design, showing  performance and operating methods, as well as exposing the return on investment of such a tool.

Présentation : Jean-Vincent JINOT – “Hot-End & Vision Product Manager at Tiama”
Rencontrez-nous à Glassman Middle-East sur le stand GC5 – 54m².

Tiama HOT lab
Tiama HOT lab