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TIAMA – global provider of real-time Data & Quality Controls

The combination of our expertise, innovative approach and reliability, allows Tiama to offer solutions that go way beyond the normal scope of inspection.

Tiama provides real-time data and recommendations in order to help glassmakers:

  • deliver articles with the highest quality
  • improve their productivity (“pack-to-melt ratio”).

Smart Factory & Manufacturing Intelligence
are central concepts for the company:
the glass production process allows gathering a great amount of data, which, well collated and analyzed constitute a powerful source of knowledge. Tiama helps to value this data.

All our expertise combined (Intelligence, Hot-End Monitoring, Traceability, Cold-End Inspection, Service and Sampling) help preparing the arrival of Business Intelligence also called “Industry 4.0”. We are developing Big Data capabilities.

Customers remain at the heart of our company’s interest: in addition to bringing solutions, we assist each investment and wish to build long-term partnership.

Tiama supports glass packaging industry with:

  • strategic productivity data,
  • inspection equipment,
  • and Customer Service.


Tiama intelligence systems

IT intelligence software gathering real-time data across the production line for analysis and management of the plant performances.

Display of the results on a single platform for a view at-a-glance of the plant productivity enabling to take correct, money saving decisions immediately, anywhere, anytime.

Tiama hot systems

GOB: {gab} n.
A GOB is a drop made out of glass with a cylindrical shape that will be moulded by the forming machine into bottles.

Innovative technological bricks maximizing productivity

Modular process monitoring solutions for increased efficiency, optimized quality and minimized costs

A full range of sensors at the hot-end for a production process monitoring conducted through multiple parameters:

*gob’s weight, shape and temperature
*glass article’s position on the conveyor, dimensional measurements, infrared emissivity, defects detection…

Tiama traceability Systems

Ability to provide a lifetime traceability for glass bottles

Unique container identification with a code engraved at the Hot-End offering bottle traceability throughout the glass plant process, throughout the bottling plant process and throughout the distribution channel.

Tiama inspection systems

High-tech quality control equipment
Flawless glass packaging production
Complementary Vision and Carousel machines that cover all the areas of the bottle:

* MCAL4: Detection by cameras of defects located in the body

* MULTI4: Detection by cameras of defects located in the finish and the base of the bottle

* MX4: Carousel multi inspection machine detecting dimensional defects in the finish & neck; cracks defects; ovalization; visual defects, controlling thickness and air tightness; reading mold numbers…

Tiama services

A complete range of services for a global support of our customers. Simulators, online courses, training, audits, article tests…and many others to help our customers make sure that they make the most of their investment by allowing their people and production tools to perform at the best of their potential.

Long-term and strong support.

A real support of UPGRADE & RENOVATION of your machines.

You can access the online catalog here:
the spare-parts & the kits&upgrades catalog.tiama.com

Contact Customer support:
Tel: + 33 4 37 20 15 80

Tiama sampling solutions

Either at the Hot-End, Cold-End or Laboratory, Tiama develops new sampling solutions. One of them, the Tiama Xlab, is a revolutionary machine which uses Xray technology to create a 3D mapping of the container.

Tiama's products families at a glance

Tiama IQ systems: Intelligent software collecting and delivering "live" concise plant performance data.
Tiama HOT systems: Innovative technological bricks maximizing productivity.
Tiama Traceability systems: Ability to provide a lifetime traceability for glass bottles.
Tiama Inspection systems: High-tech quality control equipment.
Tiama Customer support: A complete range of service activities.
Tiama Sampling solutions: Turn virtual reality into reality with these highly flexible laboratory modules


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