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Open Systems

Utilizing flexible and automated “plug and play” solutions, YOUniverse makes the inspection process statistical and capable to adapt to any changes, in any environment. Thanks to an open information interchange, this revolutionary concept allows machines from any manufacturer to be linked to the YOUniverse and to “speak to each other”.

Smart Factory

Our goal is to provide you with information to optimize your pack-to-melt ratio. To this end, we are working towards, not only maximizing, but also contextualizing data. With YOUniverse one can, for example, track a single container including all its relevant data – just one of our steps towards the Smart Factory. YOUniverse will have the information flowing freely regardless of the nature of your plant, delivering the data you need.

For You

YOU – the customer, have always been at the center of our efforts. This is what inspired the creation of the YOUniverse: designed specifically to meet your needs and to be a perfect fit for your individual plant. As a business intelligence leader, we see it as our responsibility, not only to keep you on the cutting edge of technology, but also to steadily improve and help you make the most of the information our systems provide.

High Value Data

YOUniverse delivers what we call high value data. To date, your systems delivered information regarding what was right or wrong in one area. Now, thanks to data linking of different machines in your plant, YOUniverse organizes data so that also know the reasons and will soon even receive recommendations. All delivered in real time – enabling you to take the right decisions quickly – improving efficiency, productivity and profitability.


Intelligent Software gathering real-time data

Initially, Tiama inspection machines delivered production data, mainly used for counting purposes. The data does however, have a much greater value. This led to the development of Tiama Intelligence Systems that gather real-time data across the production line with results displayed on a single platform. At the heart of the smart factory, Tiama offers these enhanced software solutions, identifying production drifts so that corrections can be made automatically… even before the relevant defect occurs.


A full range of sensors collecting data and images at the hot end

The most efficient way to manage a manufacturing process is to do so at the initial stage. Tiama’s modular hot-end monitoring systems provide IS operators with immediate data and easily applied information (gob specifics, infrared radiation measures…) to help improve productivity. Operators no longer need to wait for cold-end feedback to produce satisfactory containers. And, with increased gob/glass knowledge gained from the large amount of data collected, the process becomes more and more controlled.


Solutions of engraving and reading of Datamatrix codes making each container unique

It is like DNA for glass. Tiama has developed datamatrix solutions and remains the only company offering you full unitary traceability of each container. The patent relates to the synchronization of the laser marker with the IS machine, making each container unique. In addition, all defect information and events gathered at the hot and cold ends are correlated to the container, creating a distinct identity for each item.


A full range of sensors collecting data and images at the cold end

More than 10 years ago, Tiama was paving the way with the Atlas, a camera-based check detection, with automatic settings adapting themselves to the production changes. Since then, Tiama has never stopped improving its various machines with solutions that offer fast adjustments, consistent results with minimized human influence. Today, Tiama starts to prepare the next steps, working on Big Data analysis and deep learning features to increase the predictability of glass production.


A complete range of Services to help customers make the most of their investment

With more than 70 local experts, 2 training academies and a dedicated department focused on customer satisfaction, Tiama offers unrivalled global support services. The service team assists you with individualized online courses, online simulators, ramp-up support, audits, spare-parts management, article tests, tooling… and everything you need to help you ensure that your people and your production tools perform at the required level– one of the pillars of the Smart factory concept.

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