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Expedition and Research Charters

TIAMA is available for charter all year round. We mainly operate in the Southern Ocean south of New Zealand and Australia or south of southern South America during the summer months. For the other months of the year we sometimes voyage in warmer climates in the South Pacific region, please have a look at Charter Options for our current program.

MAIN AREA OF OPERATION: New Zealand, South Pacific, Southern South America, Antarctic and Sub Antarctic and the Arctic regions (on request worldwide). Tiama is available for all voyages as described . Unscheduled voyages will be accommodated where possible on request.


For bookings contact us direct via fax, phone or e-mail. We can also advise on your personal travel plans and accommodation to get to and from departing and arrival points.


We are available to assist and organise any aspect of your travels or expedition requirements. Please contact us directly to discuss your plans.


The most fascinating trip of this season was spending a month in the middle of winter 2014 in NW Bay Campbell island as support vessel to a NIWA  Souther Right whale research program, this population had not been studied for 25 years, we managed to obtain lots of identification photographs combined  with 24 biopsy samples  [ Read More ]

comfy yes

More good work in the NZ Sub Antarctic including follow up work with 2 dogs the check up on  the rat eradication  and re-introduction of the Teal on Campbell island, the dogs did not mind the sea travel to much as long as they had somebody to play with, and made themselves at home onboard,  [ Read More ]

Bounty islands Anchorage

A big season behind us, another 11 voyages to the various NZ Sub Antarctic islands, mostly research support trips including a voyage to the Antipode and Bounty islands to do a penguin count and a Salvins albatross count on the Bounty islands, the latter are very remote and not visited much, they are also called  [ Read More ]

P1050752 small

A busy southern summer season  in the Sub Antarctic  10 departures and returns from NZ most souther port, Bluff. lots of interesting trips including the regular Albatross  research support voyages for the NZ National institute of Water and Atmosphere (NIWA) and providing logistics support for a voyage  to Campbell island for  the biology department of the University of Otago. We also undertook a 2 week voyage to the Auckland islands  [ Read More ]

Megaherb South West cape Auckland islands

  We had another  long and intersting  season working in the NZ Sub Antarctic, starting with 20 day charter to the Snares working with the Salvins albatross  and then a one month long survey of the Auckland islands looking for yellow Eyed Penguins, this was the fist time such a  survey was carried out, the Auckland islands are the last bastion for these endangered species  this was early  [ Read More ]

Tiama, Port Ross Auckland islands

Back to the  NZ sub Antarctic for another  series of 12 science, research  and logistical support  voyages for the NZ Dep of Conservation and the National institute of Water and Atmosphere.It has been a good summer with Tiama and her crew working hard but also having fun, and lots of interesting work being done by  [ Read More ]


We are in the middle of our busy season, The boat has undergone yet another  mayor refit this winter adding to the new engine installation we did last winter. She  now has a 160 HP Yanmar engine driving a 3 bladed Variable pitch Hundasted propeller, most of the  installation  was done by Whiting Power in  [ Read More ]


This Summer we have been working out of the friendly port of Bluff, NZ southern most port, for 12 separate voyages into the Southern Ocean, including 2 voyages to Macquarie for the BBC


Tiama has had another busy summer working in the Sub Antarctic islands. Twelve separate expeditions over a seven month period.


It has been the biggest year to date and top of the list was our 5 week trip to the Balleny Islands at 66 degrees 50 minutes south. They are on the NW corner of the Ross Sea, mainland Antarctica and 1,200 miles due south of New Zealand.


A total of 12 trips to the Sub Antarctic, including 2 trips to Macquarie island which is half way down between NZ and the Antarctic. Its a small long skinny island in the middle of the Southern Ocean with so many penguins on some of the beaches that you can not see the end of the colonies.

Balleny islands 2006 (2)

Tiama spent 6 months working out of the Port of Bluff as support vessel for 6 scientific expeditions, including on memorial, 5 week expedition to the Balleny islands in the Antarctic.


Tiama’s skipper Henk Haazen spend 6 weeks as the mate on the 73 foot expedition sailing vessel Pelagic Australia in an attempt to sail true the North west Passage over the Top of Canada and Alaska from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, due to unusual heavy Ice conditions we had to turn back half way true, it was a scouting mission, laying the ground work to take Tiama through this passage in the near future.


In all we did 9 trips south, We had the normal succession of weather systems that you expect for these latitudes, although we did encounter one rather large wave that took out the Port wheelhouse window, this was a bit of a dramatic moment, but no serious damage was done and after some temporary repairs Tiama carried on in a safe and sound manner.

white cap molyhawks, Auckland islands

We spend another fascinating 6 months working in the NZ sub Antarctic islands visiting all of the 4 NZ Sub Antarctic islands at least once most of them 2 or 3 times.


October 2004 We joined with the NZ Coastguard and the Uk based Royal yachting association setting up “The Coastal and Offshore Sailing School”


Tiama spent 4 months working for the New Zealand department of Conservation carrying out a variety of tasks in support of their conservation and research programs, including being the main support vessel for an unprecedented 2 week long research dive operation in the Auckland islands.


The incredible progress that we have made on the Kiunga imbak campaign and the ground work that we are having on RH are a tribute to the org, to our supporters, and particularly the many wonderful people who have worked with us on the campaign over the last three months. The success that we are having belongs to us all.


Tiama Sailed from NZ to Papua New Guinea and worked there for 3 months on the Fly and Bamu river, working for the Greenpeace forest campaign on invitation of the local land owners to try stop illegal logging operations on there Tribal lands by Malaysian logging companies. We sailed 1200 miles on the rivers penetrating deep into the remaining PNG rainforest.


Working as support vessel for a Historic Heritage survey of the Auckland islands (NZ Sub Antarctic) working for the New Zealand department of conservation.

nuclear free tasman flotilla

September Tiama participated in another Peace flotilla against MOX Plutonium fuel transports true the Pacific and in the Irish sea. spending the last month in the Fiji islands.

SW_Cape_Waterfall_blowing up_300pxhigh

Tiama spend the southern summer working amongst the New Zealand sub Antarctic islands as support vessel for kayaking and photographic expeditions.


The new millennium started well for us with a charter to the Antipodes. The Antipodes are some of New Zealand’s sub-Antarctic islands. The job involved us filming the first sunrise of the new millennium and it was a spectacular one. We then beamed the image out live onto the internet via a huge inmarsat-B mounted on the aft deck especially for the occasion (which looked rather silly).


Tiama sailed from Australia to participate in a peace flotilla against plutonium fuel shipments through the Pacific. Tiama was one of 8 sailing boats from New Zealand and Australia sailing out into the mid Tasman in February 2001 to form a symbolic chain of protest and to promote a nuclear free Tasman. This was followed by a months tour to key southern ports of Australia for Greenpeace.

house 049

  A 1-month charter to the sub Antarctic Antipode Islands south of New Zealand, filming the first sunrise of the new Millenium and broadcasting it with an Inmarsat B directly onto the Internet sending a message to 60.000 people as the first rays of the sun hit the decks.


On the 4 of June Henk departed from Puerto Monttt, Chile with Tiama heading for Australia (a 7500 mile voyage across the “big pond” pacific ocean) with brief stops in Easter Island, Pitcairn, the Cooks island and Fiji. Bunny and Ruby rejoined Tiama in the Cook Islands in July and we arrived here in Cairns, Australia on 7 August.


A 3 month charter along the Great Barrier Reef in Australia starting from Cairns to Sydney, diving, underwater filming, and campaigning against a new shale oil development on the edge of the World Heritage site.


A 7 week, 7200 mile voyage from Puerto Montt, Chile to Cairns, Australia across the Pacific with short stops at Easter Island, Pitcairn Island, Cook Islands, and Fiji.


Our first season working in the Antarctic Peninsula and the Cape horn region has finished. We are now in Puerto Montt a small port in southern Chile, the gateway to the Chilean channels that lead south to Cape Horn.


A 32 day long charter through the intricate and remote Chilean channels from Cape Horn to Puerto Montt.


February 1999 – 5 week charter from Ushuaia to the Antarctic Peninsula, acting as a logistics support vessel for the Young Australian Antarctic Expedition during their successful attempt to climb Pilchner Peak in the Antarctic Peninsula.


We’re have returned from our first Antarctic expedition. We arrived back in Ushuaia the night of Feb. 4th after beating our way up the Beagle for the last five hours. It was an adventure for all on board Tiama.


On November 4 we depart Auckland, New Zealand with 8 on board to set sail across the Southern Ocean for Ushuaia, Argentina. The ages of our crew range from our 10 year old daughter to our 63 year old mate David, mostly New Zealanders with…


A 32-day 5000-mile non-stop charter across the Southern Ocean from NZ to Ushuaia, Argentina, rounding Cape Horn.

Skipper Henk Haazen and family - including Tiama

Two week ocean trial to the remote NZ Kermadec Island group acting as a support vessel to collect geological samples for the Auckland Museum.


Tiama’s maiden voyage – we managed to achieve all our objectives. This included a first recorded landfall on Cheeseman island collecting geological specimens for the Auckland Museum, for the purpose of dating the islands.