Management system

Tiama is ISO:9001 v2015 certified and has focused its quality management system around the four pillars below:


Develop human capital and diversity to collaborate and perform

Continuous improvement

Increase the performance of our organization


Act in accordance with our ethical, social and environmental values

Customer Satisfaction

Become the unmissable partner of glassmakers


Tiama aims to be exemplary and to do everything in its power to conduct its business ethically in all the countries in which it operates.


Awareness about sustainable and environmental issues


Regardless of the countries in which they operate, respect of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights of Labor


Strengthen maintainability, renovation and recycling

The 7 Principles of our Ethical Charter


Comply with applicable laws and regulations


Adopt an attitude of integrity


Fight against corruption and influence traficking


Respect our customers, suppliers and competitors


Protect our environment


Live and grow together


Protect Information


Aware of the human and environmental challenges facing society, Tiama is actively engaged in an CSR approach.

2021: 1st evaluation, bronze medal award and development of an action plan for progress. (scoring 49/100)

2022: obtaining the gold medal for CSR performance (scoring 67/100).

2023: confirming its commitments to sustainable development, gold medal with a score of 72/100. Tiama joins the TOP 5% of the top rated companies on ECOVADIS out of 115 000.

Our contribution to the fight against climate change

Tiama contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions on its scale

In 2022: our CSR team and the company “WeCount”, during a climate promotion, achieved its 1st carbon footprint report internally.

It is now working on developing a low-carbon strategy with the Executive Committee

Our R&D teams design solutions especially in the hot end that optimize productivity and therefore energy spending of glass customers.

The work environment

Environmental issues were also placed at the center of the design of our new headquarters with:

  • Obtaining a BREEAM* Very Good Certification
  • Maintaining biodiversity on the site with a vegetation choice adapted to local climatic constraints (less water consumption).
  • Pro-Quality Living at Work: acoustic insulation, LED lighting and maximum use of daylight, air treatment center
  • Producing renewable energy thanks to our photovoltaic installation on the roof, covering around 17% of our electricity consumption at The Core
  • Deploying an energy sobriety plan to reduce and optimize our electricity consumption on site
  • Supporting a mobility plan to commute encouraging cycling, public transport, carpooling, etc.

*BREEAM Certification: International standard to assess the environmental impact of a building for a more ecological architecture

RSE Actions

November 2022 Tiama has organized a WORLD CLEAN UP OPERATION in its new location: Saint Genis Laval (near Lyon)