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TIAMA Careers

We offer

Tiama offers dynamic and attractive working conditions with:

  • National and international opportunities

  • A high-tech environment

  • A special attention to new employees through an onboarding program

  • A motivating development policy

  • In-house events for our teams

  • A strong training program

  • 2024: Tiama improved its French Women/Men equality index with 84 out of 100.

We are

Tiama counts 250 employees evolving in a truly international environment

  • 18

    18 different nationalities

  • 14

    14% of our workforce is located outside of France in 20 different countries – for a true local customer support

  • 37

    37% of our co-workers speak more than 3 languages fluently

  • 94

    94% of our employees speak English

How our market is

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