On the way to “Smart Factory”

TIAMA’s view of Smart Factory for the Hollow glass industry is: How to pave the way of driving this industry from an empirical process to a statistical one.

Tiama’s approach to reach this goal relies on five pillars:

  • Traceability
  • Developing machines/sensors at Hot End and the Cold End providing more and more data
  • Business Intelligence.
  • Manufacturing Intelligence
  • and Services


To summarize the situation, TIAMA has already started implementing all of these pillars in different plants. We are now already capable of bringing raw information to the right person who will, thanks to her experience, be able to do the correct manual adjustments. Tomorrow, we will be able to do so, using big data analytics in order to provide centering recommendations and ultimately working on an automatic closed loop throughout the plant. Ultimately, TIAMA will be selling solutions/data and no longer hardware.

Smart factory

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