Sisecam Glass Packaging orders Tiama’s ATLAS

Sisecam Glass Packaging, Europe’s fourth largest glass packaging producer, has ordered 42 ATLAS glass packaging control systems from Tiama.

The ATLAS is a non-contact check detection system that uses  cameras to detect all imperfections in the finish, heel, shoulder and bottom of bottles and jars.

ATLAS detection

Sisecam Glass Packaging, which is affiliated to the Sisecam Group, has a total production capacity of 2.3 million tonnes a year.

Sisecam Glass Packaging is 80 years old and has production in 10 plants in four countries. Its partnership with Tiama has lasted for more than 10 years, meaning the French real-time process and quality controls company is now one of its main suppliers.

The collaboration consists of close support to Sisecam Glass Packaging’s hollow glass activities.

All carousel machines in Sisecam Glass Packaging’s three Turkish factories will be equipped with the ATLAS system by the end of 2016.
Sisecam Glass Packaging will therefore become the world’s largest user of ATLAS with 92 machines installed.

The ATLAS system benefits are adjustability, reduced job-change time, reduced human factor on the quality of settings and quick payback.

Sisecam Glass Packaging has already benefited from Tiama’s international after-sales network with two local engineers available to ensure
proximity and support to its needs.

It has also taken advantage of the remote connection that gives Tiama’s engineers direct access to the Turkish fleet of machines.
The partnership also includes further scheduled trials and demonstrations.