The Smart Factory will be based on smart tools

Smart factory concept

This is why Tiama created YOUniverse, where ‘YOU’ stands for the customer who is playing a central role in smart factory implementation; it aims to help customers to make the most of the information Tiama systems can provide, utilizing flexible and automated ‘plug and play’ solutions, making the inspection process statistical and capable of adapting to any changes, in any environment. Thanks to an open information interchange, this concept allows machines from any manufacturer to be linked to the YOUniverse and ‘speak to each other’ but also to link Tiama’s five areas of expertise: Monitoring, inspection, traceability, service and intelligence.
In the glass plant, Tiama provides data thanks to a series of strategically placed machines; at the hot end (gob control, article shape, emissivity etc), in the laboratory (weight, dimensions etc) and of course, at the cold end with inspection machines (bottle thickness or ovality measurements). With a data matrix code engraved at the hot end, each container becomes unique and data gathered from all Tiama sensors can be associated to this code and sent into the intelligent family.

Tiama Intelligence Systems give the opportunity to customers to gather real-time data across the production line, with results displayed on a single platform. At the heart of the smart factory, Tiama offers these enhanced software solutions, identifying production drifts so that corrections can be made automatically, even before the relevant defect occurs.

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