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Lockdown: we stay connected@Tiama

[We’re still standing… yeah, yeah, yeah]
We, the #TIAMAteam, found new ways to stay linked & connected during this completely unsual period.

It’s been 3 weeks now (ALREADY “3”?!!!) that we organized ourselves to ALSO maintain our informal (usual) communication. This type of communication is, in fact, fully part of our corporate culture. Usually, we enjoy discussing & joking together on an everyday basis at the coffee machine, in our offices or basically almost everywhere… pushing Tiama activity further.

Obviously, this is not possible anymore.

Since, the very first days, visio TEAMS meetings at 15 started to pop-up here and there ( in the background children laughing or comments from ” plus ones”)… BUT it was no longer possible to meet each other in person & discuss with people you are less related professionally to.

This is why we imagined, starting the very first week of lockdown,
the Tiama LinkedTEAM concept.
A private “NEWS” web-page on our intranet (we’re using sharepoint), well not exactly regular news – only funny & quirky ones. The TiamaTEAM mates are entirely co-writing the content by sharing personal feelings, jokes, pics, videos, ideas and more…
We release one page per week shared with 321 readers around the globe.

By the way,  we would love to share all the Tiama secrets  (& challenges) edited on those pages with you, dear readers,
all you have to do now is just… JOIN the TiamaTEAM 😉

Ursula B. (Employer Branding girl) from Irigny-Village.

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International Women’s Day @Tiama

A nice mix of “Yellow & Pink” colors to celebrate the International Women’s Day.

This Friday, on March the 8th, we gathered in joy and energy to show the Tiama feminine crew who participates, just as men, to the daily development of our company.

Today, we count more than 25% of women in our workforce, located all over the world in our multiple structures.
We are part of ALL the  departments, to name a few: the supply chain, the R&D, the accounting, the warehouse or the Managing Board.

One of our Human Resources goals is to keep developing parity, as well as all the possible diversities – which represent by the way a true wealth in our corporate culture.

# WeAreTiama, when will you join us Ladies?

Signed ” A Tiama Lady-employee”



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Tiama opens doors to EM Lyon students

On February the 21st Tiama had the chance to welcome two EM Lyon students.

Ursula Baudry, HR development manager at Tiama organized a meeting with Jessica Benattar and Rémi Cavalli, both coming to discover the Tiama’s Supply Chain as part of their project at the EM Lyon Business school.

Discover our open discussion with one of the students
Dear « Early-Maker » welcome to Tiama, could you introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Jessica Benattar I’m 21. I joined the EM Lyon Business School in 2017 after two years of preparatory class in sales & economics. I’m running now my second year of school.

What is the purpose of your visit?

As part of our Business Management course, we needed to identify an industrial site located in the Lyon region and to visit it in order to discover its Supply Chain process. This is how we got the chance to meet yourself and Pierre Bonnet, the Supply Chain Director, directly in Vourles, February the 21st during a tour of more than two hours.

Did you know Tiama before we met?

I did not know Tiama. To prepare my visit, I just got the chance to look at your website which is, I must say, finely designed. One can easily navigate, and it looks modern to me. The key details and information are well displayed, this is how we learnt more about your market and company.

How would you describe our company after your visit?

I would say that Tiama is in line with the descriptions made on its website. First, I can point out the fact that you are truly an impressive, global market player (especially by being one of the market leaders). The figures you presented at the beginning of our visit do speak for themselves with over 10,000 machines installed on the 5 continents.

Tiama is also a very innovative firm. We got the chance to discover your different machines (Hot-end Sensors, Vision and Carousel solutions) which makes you one of the leaders of quality control in the glass packaging market. Thanks to your intelligent tools and a vibrant R&D team, it is clear that Tiama ensures and reinforces its differentiation worldwide.

At the end of the visit, we realized how your company is constantly improving to adapt to the market and needs of its customers.

You are truly focused on your customers placing them on the very first position, trying to find quick, efficient solutions to upcoming challenges. One can immediately see that your goal is to build a trusting relationship with clients.

Finally, I see a dynamic company. We had the chance to meet those of you who are answering customer needs, i. e. members of different departments (purchasing, procurement, international logistics, production, scheduling). They all confirmed that each day at work is different from the one before and will certainly be different from the next one. The daily stakes explain the passion your employees bring to their work. I am personally convinced that an employee happy with his job, is a more effective employee.

I will end by saying that the good relationships between employees reflect the fact that Tiama is a very nice company to work in.

What surprised you the most?

Precise tasks and strong coordination between the different teams. Working at Tiama means paying attention to your work. If the order/delivery of a single piece is not assured, it is a whole machine that cannot be delivered to the customer. Knowing that a machine is made out of about 15,000 references, you quickly understand how meticulousness becomes essential.

At Tiama we define our values as follows: commitment, cooperation, integrity, simplicity and intrapreneurship. What are the ones you could perceive during your tour?

In the given time, I could really perceive three of these values.
Commitment. We could observe that employees are invested at 100% in their work to provide effective and rapid responses to customers. Moreover, without your personal commitments – yours and Pierre’s, we simply couldn’t discover Tiama.  You have naturally given us your time. We are aware that these 2 hours and half with us are actually time that you did not spend working on your tasks, which means a lot for us.

Simplicity and integrity go hand in hand. I will start with our first contact with you and Pierre Bonnet. You have both made us feel at ease, which allowed us to enjoy a very pleasant visit, in addition to an interesting one. Simplicity and integrity also show in the contacts that each employee maintains with the others.

At Tiama, it is not a question of establishing a visible and heavy hierarchy as in most of the large companies, but of encouraging simple, cordial or even friendly relationships with the aim of setting up a good, productive working environment.

Jessica, many thanks for your feedback.
See you soon!