Tiama Cold Lab: a new solution for automatic sampling

Note: This product has been discontinued and replaced by the Tiama Elab.


A new automatic sampling solution

This Tiama new solution is a laboratory machine that can be integrated in the production line for automatic sampling. Designed for round and non-round containers, Tiama Cold Lab presents two main advantages. First, the automatic loading will remove the low value of manual sampling operations, it will also reduce the workload and increase the profitability of the glassmakers. Then, the automatization of the measurements, by reducing the human factor, makes the machine less dependent on an operator’s level of expertise. These 2 advantages make the Tiama Cold lab a reliable machine increasing the overall sampling frequency, precision and efficiency of the procedure. It will then resolve one of the main issues that glassmakers had since it will remove the high constraint on quality human resources.


A full range of measurements

The multi-station delivers a full range of precise and accurate measurements including the finish and body measurements such as D angle, sunk and bulge, verticality and bent neck.

Optional features can be added: internal bore gauge by compass and laser (13-32mm depth, up to 47mm), weight by high precision weighting scale (0 to 2kg) or thickness by chromatic probe (0,5 to 8mm). Tiama also wanted to add some complementary, optional, measurements such as pressure, volume, capacity and impact, which is possible thanks to its collaboration with Somex Innovation.

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