TIAMA ECO-system maximizes glass production and efficiency

Tiama ECO-system is one of our solutions in our range of expertise called Intelligence. Victor Bidegain presents this solution in this article.



For hot- and cold-end machines, TIAMA’s ECO-system revolutionizes glass manufacturing with real-time monitoring and data synchronization. It enhances communication, efficiency and quality – all while bringing the company’s YOUniverse concept abreast of the smart factory and in full alignment with Industry 4.0.

Tiama ECO-system offers many features about production monitoring, quality, maintenance, reporting and support in order to improve the global productivity and usage of Tiama machines. One of the key features of Tiama solution is its ability to provide realtime production monitoring. It gives access to all Tiama machines by remote control and offers important information about the productivity of each machine. All data is available on a single webpage accessible on the plant network. The system provides productivity and predictive maintenance KPIs for monitoring Tiama machines, optimizing their global maintenance, and ultimately improving their efficiency.

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