Tiama launches the first AI-based sidewall inspection machine

Even though artificial intelligence has highlighted promising benefits in the image processing business for quite some time, it is only over the past months that it really has started to introduce game-changing capabilities to the glass-making industry.

Back in January this year, Tiama released the new MCAL 4 AI. This updated version of the market leading sidewall machine now runs high-speed production inspection with artificial intelligence, switching on a long list of benefits for today’s and tomorrow’s glassmaking process.


A matter of images dataset to unleash AI capacities

Thanks to the largest fleet of sidewall machines running worldwide, Tiama has generated trillions of images of glass containers over the past years. In close partnership with glassmakers, it allowed to nurture and generate highly performing artificial intelligence neuronal networks. This dataset now being wide enough, Tiama offers every hollow glass makers the possibility to run their inspection with it on sidewall inspection.

Not only are these AI networks now capable of very precise defects recognition, but they also significantly drop the amount of false reject traditional inspection systems can generate, and this is just the start.


This is an abstract of an article published in Glass International. Download the PDF here to read the full article.

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