Tiama LBC, an innovative thickness detection with Smart Factory possibilities

Picto Inspection

The concept of the LBC probe (Large Band Chromatic) is to offer to customers the possibility to set the equivalent of 8 very well-known Chroma-20 probes in an extremely reduced footprint. The combination of these 8 close signals, sprayed on an 11mm band, allow to track the thickness defects even if they slightly deviated from their original position. Moreover, the association of these measurement allow a surface analysis and therefore an extremely precise mapping of the glass distribution in the inspected area. The thickness measurement is not anymore a basic “GO / NO GO” control. The surface concept allows a more accurate filtering of large and consistent defect versus tiny thin spot that might be acceptable up to final customer. The thickness threshold is obviously part of the reject decision but the LBC (as the LBT before it), also considers the area of glass under this said threshold to make its decision.


This is an extract from an article written by Tiama published in a magazine. To read the full article click here.