Tiama AMERICAS Winter Games 19’

The American spin-off of the 2019 Tiama WINTER Games event

We are proud to introduce you the Americas version of the « Winter Games ».

Beginning of January, Tiama Headquaters has launched its first 2019 collaborative event in the French Alpes for its 220 coworkers. The goal of our twice-a-year outgoing meetings is to enjoy some team spirit altogether and obviously having fun.

As an international market player, on the 8th of February the WINTER games concept was also launched in our US subsidiary. The Tiama AMERICAS team spent some great time “fighting” against frozen weather 😉 and participating, just as in France to different collaborative activities. The story does not tell who won all the contests  😉 but everyone appreciated this bonding day. BIG UP to the local organizing team.

Next step: the SUMMER version ! Will you join in?