Tiama Xlab-Innovation in 3D measurement

Tiama Xlab is one of our solutions in our range of expertise called Sampling. Sébastien Beltran presents this solution in this article.

Tiama Xlab

Here is an abstract of the article:

Offering a wealth of process and quality control solutions (averaging four patent registrations per year), Tiama’s philosophy lies in providing real-time recommendations and technical data to help its glass-making customers to deliver products with the required quality and to improve their productivity.

Innovation has always been central to Tiama’s strategy. Constantly seeking solutions for its clients, the company has created Tiama Xlab, a new machine for glass container measurement and sampling that combines high technology and ease of operation with full 3D modelling.

Designed with and for glass makers

Tiama Xlab has been designed in collaboration with glass makers to precisely fit factories’ and technical centres’ needs in term of quality automation to support regular and advanced measurement operations.

Employing unique patented technology, the Xlab has no limit on container shape and glass colour. Any container – from standard shapes to more complex designs for premium and cosmetic markets – can be fully measured in three dimensions externally as internally, all in one operation. Providing key information on end container shape, glass distribution, variations between sections, cavities and half moulds, the Xlab’s 3D image sharing facility allows faster diagnostics for performing fine-tuning of the manufacturing process and final mould design – particularly useful when producing first samples.

Designed to be production-oriented and user-friendly, Tiama Xlab can be integrated into any existing glass production process, at the hot end, cold end or in a laboratory. Used for hot end process control, the Xlab ensures quality control from the first manufactured containers, making faster process and quality countermeasures and improvements. In a laboratory setting, the Xlab offers standard and advanced quality controls, and the ability to automate multiple operations with one tool.

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