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Wiegand Glas Approves of Tiama HOT lab system

PAGE 16 – Glass International, May 2016 – Interview with Wiegand Glas

Wiegand Glas’s Production manager, Karl-Heinz Mann, and Production specialist, Konrad Neubauer, discuss the glassmaker’s relationship with Tiama and the installation of its Tiama HOT lab system.

“[…]Wiegand Glas is one of the top three container glass manufacturers in Germany. It produces more than eight million glass containers per day for the beverage (wine & beer) and food industries at its four plants in Steinbach am Wald, Großbreitenbach,
Schleusingen and Ernstthal. With recorded sales of €480 million for 2015, Nikolaus Wiegand and Oliver Wiegand are the fourth generation to run the family-owned company, and rely on tradition and modern technology at the same time.

The glassmaker has worked closely with Tiama, the international real-time process and quality control company, since 1995. Among its acquisitions, Wiegand-Glas has equipped two of its production sites with Tiama’s HOT lab systems.Tiama HOT lab is designed to work in the hot end and collect dimensional measurement data such as container lean, ovality, glass thickness, weight, sunk and bulge and now internal bore diameters. This data would traditionally be provided from the cold end, thereby reducing informational dimensional feedback as there was a time delay of the annealing lehr length. Using basic go/no go gauges at the hot end is out dated, cumbersome, time consuming and does not provide ‘real’ measurement data.[…]”

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