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Symbolizing the sun, zestfulness and joy, this color also represents openness, movement and social contact, do you like YELLOW?

At Tiama, yellow is the rule  whether it is called Pantone #130 in our logos or RAL1037 « yellow sun » for the color of machines, it gives us energy on a daily basis.

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You arrive in the break area first and there is only one coffee pod left… but a nice colleague comes along. What do you do?

In fact, the friendly colleague had cupcakes and he shared them with you: Coffee & Cupcake for both, the day starts well, right?
At Tiama we work together, we share professional challenges, we also like to hydrate in good company #sharing #collaboration

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You rush to make a coffee; you need an instant boost. You rush to make a large coffee and you immediately get a 2nd cup to share.

You're in front of an MX4 - rotating control machine. What comes to your mind first?

Whether you are a creative or a technical individual,
at Tiama you will be immersed in a high-tech environment. Our solutions are based on 3D, electromagnetic spectra (visible, infrared, ultraviolet, X-ray and Terahertz), and deep learning.
Whatever your mission will be, you’ll need to “decipher” the R&D jargon.

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Nice spaceship, will it take me to the moon? YOU must be a creative! WOW! They managed to equip it with 7 inspection stations, including 6 rotating ones, which are capable of measuring and controlling the dimensions, the airtightness, the stress, the roundness, the visual defects, AND the lean of 6 beer bottles per second.

Which slogan fits you best?

We are proud to work alongside our customers, the glassmakers around the globe. Glass is 100% recyclable, infinitely. It’s inert so it doesn’t leach, even heated, into the food/drinks you consume.
Our group is searching how to retrieve the green power of each container.
BONUS – you can even create a musical instrument out of it:

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“The packaging market can be passionate" “A bottle is a bottle, no more"

If someone said the word “YOUniverse” to you, you answer:

Our equipment works like sensors to collect a large amount of DATA.
The aim is to transform DATA into information through analyses in order to provide recommendations to glass factories to optimize their production process.
This concept is called YOUniverse.

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This is the concept of intelligent factory by Tiama. This is the last “must-watch” TV show on NETFLIX.

For you, what is the manager's role?

For us, the trend of the invasive micro-manager is over.
Tiama’s management is about making sense of the professional missions. The manager shares the strategy and encourages the exchange of information with the teams. He/she can give feedback and autonomy by enabling everyone to grow.

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He is a coach who can motivate and develop the skills of his team. He monitors and plans his team's day to the minute, and he corrects the emails of his team members in red.

You have dedicated yourself to achieving all your professional objectives and are progressing well, and then the company organizes a Team Building event to have a break:

Ha! Ha! Ha! We have mastered the art of launching various events: have you ever been invited to lunch by Brazilian dancers when you thought you’d be watching a movie all afternoon? At Tiama we enjoy surprises. The final goal is to have fun and get to know your teammates on a different level.

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You want to know everything: What? When? How? You even suggest to organize the same event as the past 5 years... You let yourself be carried by the wave of the event and no longer try to understand the many (fake) clues embedded in the "save-the-date" invitation

What business culture do you see in Tiama?

If you hesitated, it’s a good sign… because it was THE “trick” question.
We are committed to these two currents: human AND performance.
The human side because well-being, participation and team spirit are very important to us. Performance with ambitious, passionate and committed employees by nature.

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A human-centered culture A performance-oriented culture

Where does the name "tiama" come from?

Our name was proposed by one of our sales managers in 2003. He discovered in South Africa the tree EntandrophragmaAngolan, also called Tiama. Tiama therefore represents a tree and a dynamic, international society, both of which are destined to grow well.

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It is the name of an African tree that has the characteristic of rapid growth From the Italian Ti Amo (I love you); the founder was Italian.

For you, what is an international company?

Tiama is often referred to as the “worldwide company”:
international according to its market (91% of sales orders are exports),
international by its presence with subsidiaries in China, Russia and the USA,
and international by its collaborators, in fact 37% of our team members speak more than 3 foreign languages and we have more than 18 nationalities.

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A company that is frightening: too many languages, too many trips, too much diversity... TOO much An enriching melting pot where every individual (customers, colleagues and suppliers) brings his or her origins and diversity.

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