ISO certification obtained by Tiama: one more step to increase customer satisfaction

At the end of 2018, after years of growth in our organization and the rise of our subsidiaries in China and the United States, we collectively asked ourselves the following questions: “How can we better serve our customers?”, “How do we make them take full advantage of the power of our organization?”, “How can we improve their satisfaction with choosing TIAMA as a provider of monitoring and control solutions?” and, let’s be honest, “how do we get them to be partners rather than customers?”

It was then clear for us, that the first step in achieving these objectives was to improve our quality management system and have it certified.

On March 25, 2019, our CEO, Max HODEAU, officially launched this company project for TIAMA ISO 9001 certification.

ISO 9001 specifies the requirements for the Quality Management System to demonstrate our ability to consistently deliver a product or service that meets the requirements of customers, both legal and regulatory. But more importantly for us, the main purpose of this certification is to increase customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system in place.

All the teams organized themselves to build the Tiama Quality Management System. This has allowed us to question our processes and our practices: Is this the best way to carry out this activity? How can we be more effective? What can we simplify? We have also worked on our risks and opportunities, to take appropriate actions and to increase our performance.

Several working groups have been set up to redefine certain activities and work on areas of improvement. Collaborative tools have been deployed to support our Quality Management System, such as Teams, which allows co-editing on our working versions, and SharePoint, which allows for centralized documentation and accessibility for all.

It was thanks to this general momentum that the Tiama Quality Management System was developed in record time. It was then audited internally and then externally to test it, perfect it and finally validate it.

This team work and its enthusiasm were rewarded in February 2020 by obtaining ISO 9001 certification following the AFNOR audit.

We are very pleased with this result, which is a great reward for all the work done by all Tiama employees, but we keep in mind that certification is only the first step towards continuous improvement and satisfaction for all our customers.

We can therefore say that the adventure is just beginning…