Low contrast defects detection

Low contrast defects detection – new sidewall solutions

With its latest breakthroughs, the progress in Tiama inspection devices allows new inspections and capabilities. The new cameras that are currently equipping Tiama inspection machines are pushing the boundaries of inspection several steps further. These Tiama-design cameras have set the foundations of several new types of inspection: wire-edge and over-press measurement (WEM), dip and saddle measurement (DSM) both hosted in the Tiama Multi4, high resolution jar finish inspection (CSBC HD+) in the Multi4 as well, and high resolution sidewall inspection in the Tiama Mcal4.
Zoom in 2017
Year 2017 was the birth of the Tiama camera and, since then, customer experience with the Tiama low contrast defect detection have shown important success. Newly installed on the Urshel furnace of Krasno Echo group, Tiama low contrast inspection has proved its efficiency and accuracy, enabling Krasno Echo to meet the new quality requirements and reach a new customer population.

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