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A modern strategy

Tiama can help glassmakers face their daily stakes and challenges by implementing a modern operating and support strategy and by acting on 3 key parameters:

  • Inspection performance optimization: by improving machine settings to operate them to their full potential
  • Reliable and continuous equipment running: with Tiama guidance, support, training and the appropriate documents, customers will have tools to ensure continuous operation and minimal downtime in the event of an incident
  • Job change optimization: as the job change is always a key moment on a glassmaker’s production line, Tiama aims to optimize programs to give to the operator full control over parameters which will cut downtime

Thomas Jeanblanc explains: “One of the more interesting part of the service support is to highlight with our customers how a service contract can benefit them by improving drastically their indicators and profitability. For example, when we are able to reduce resorting by 30% on average in a plant, it corresponds to a saving of more than 300K€. Also, by improving customers’ skills during regular trainings, and with Tiama expertise and follow up, machines are fine tuned which allows a decrease of false rejects of at least 0.1%. The impact for the customer is a saving of more than 150K€. And it is not only about money. Our service contract allows customers to reduce effectively their customers’ claims, which is very important part impacting their image.”

This is an extract from a press article written by Tiama and published in a magazine. If you want to read the entire article, click here