The quest for the perfect container for cold-end inspection

10 years after its very first release, time has come to reinvigorate this well-known inspection. But before getting into the substance of this new batch, it might be useful to recall the original aim of the NCI/HCI inspection. The NCI/HCI detection which stands for Neck or Heel Camera Inspection. Its purpose is to detect any possible defect located in those two specific areas. But imaging a defect and getting rid of the shadows generated by the glass itself is extremely strenuous on in-line machines. This is even harder when the diameter is small (in the neck of a container for instance) or when the article shape produces dark areas (push-ups). The objective of the NCI/HCI is to eliminate all these shadows by using line-scan cameras when rotating the container in a carousel machine.

The main hardware evolutions are the switch to home-made high-performance cameras, Tiama advanced electronics (Calia 3 CXP board integrated in the main frame computer) and a powerful and sharp LED lighting. All these hardware enhancements make it possible for the software to integrate all the latest developments of Tiama machines. Therefore, the NCI/HCI inspection is based on the proven MCAL4 software, benefiting of all its experience and powerful algorithms to search and identify the tiniest deficiency.

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