Tiama HOT eye: Recognizing critical defects immediately at the hot-end

Unique and innovative solution at the hot-end
The main feature of the Tiama HOT eye is to detect and recognize defects at the hot-end. It means that once the system has detected a defect, it informs the operators about what kind of defect was produced and can raise a specific warning in the case it recognizes a critical defect. The Tiama HOT eye is equipped with two high definition cameras (Tiama cameras) placed inside two metallic tubes fixed on the conveyor.
The Tiama HOT eye is a monitoring solution helping customers to improve the management of their process and to reach their quality level. It is part of the Smart Factory strategy developed by Tiama. The system provides a full range of valuable data than can pushed and displayed in the IQ supervision systems to obtain a glass plant overview at-a-glance, from hot-end to cold-end.

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