Tiama Saturn – New camera-based check inspection solution

Tiama Saturn – New camera-based check inspection solution

Tiama releases a unique camera-based check inspection solution called Saturn to replace traditional manual detection on carrousel machines. 

Checks detection has always been a complex and time-consuming inspection to run on glass containers. Traditionally, LED modulated lights sources and digital sensors have been used to detect them. Upon job changes, it requires to set light and sensors angles accurately towards the area to be inspected. An oscilloscope display would confirm the right angle set up of each light and sensor combination. Even with highly experienced personnel, that guess work is impacting production downtime significantly without providing the most accurate results. 

With 60 years of experience in non-contact vision technology, Tiama has developed the Saturn to revamp manual checks detection. With 6 to 11 wide-angle cameras (30mm * 15mm inspection areas) plugged on swivel arms, Saturn allows to detect checks on all container parts including finish, shoulder, base as well as body.

Once cameras are oriented towards the article, detection threshold and minimal check surface are the only 2 parameters that must be set up. As a result, job changes can be reduced significantly compared to standard manual technology. In addition, Tiama has implemented the Saturn into its latest user-friendly interface, making it even easier to set up. 

At a pace of 350 BPM, Saturn can analyze up to 792 high-resolution images, allowing to catch the tiniest checks on bottles and jars. Production quality is kept at the highest level whilst false reject level is significantly reduced. Resorting often caused by checks defects can also be reduced by up to 90% compared to standard technology. 


Tiama Saturn IHM
Tiama Saturn HMI


Tiama Saturn adapts to any container color, without dimensional restrictions. It can be installed on all Tiama carrousel machines, making it a versatile solution adapted to most production setups. The base offer starts with 6 cameras for finish & neck inspection and can be complemented with 3 body cameras and 2 base cameras for a full article inspection.  

With the Saturn, Tiama now offers an easy set-up and high-performance alternative to standard checks detection options. It will become the standard choice for manual checks detection on Tiama carrousel machines while the renowned Tiama Atlas offers a fully automatic solution. 

For more information on Tiama Saturn, please contact your local sales representative or contact us at marketing@tiama.com