TOP 10 Machine Vision solution providers in Europe 2019

Beyond the scope of Inspection

For decades, the glass industry has been conservative and risk-averse, and relied on traditional methodologies due to the complex physical and chemical processes involved in crafting a diversity of glass containers. Glass manufacturing companies are now investing heavily into big data analytics to overcome these complexities, and boost product quality. But data analytics is not enough. These plants need to constantly upgrade their equipment for improved production efficiency at reduced ownership costs. However, it is quite cumbersome to manage the existing equipment and their spare parts and purchase new equipment, while maintaining flexibility and versatility throughout the glass manufacturing process. Rising up to this challenge is Tiama—a global data and quality control provider.

Tiama offers a turnkey equipment as a service (EaaS) solution to empower glass companies with the best-fit machines, and unparalleled inspection and quality control. “This turnkey solution combines manufacturing equipment with service-level agreements, and big data to help clients make informed decisions pertaining to the glass manufacturing process in real-time,” states Max Hodeau, CEO of Tiama. With a significant global presence and substantial revenue, Tiama leads the charge to spark innovation and competency in maximizing glass production process efficiency. The company goes the extra mile to tackle the perturbing capital expenditures (CapEx) cost swings from recurring activities such as machine upgrades and refurbishment via subscription-based business model.

As these recurring activities demand high-fidelity data analytics across the plant, Tiama appends machine vision, what it calls “the heart of the process,” to the glass manufacturing framework. This technology coupled with an ‘auto-set’ feature of EaaS enables clients to configure their equipment per the type of glass container process they wish to control. From defining shape and colour to packaging and rejecting defects, the company leverages machine vision to cover it all. Tiama additionally helps the clients realise the benefits of investing in machine learning (ML), and helps them set up new equipment at the push of a button. That being said, a plant’s performance is not determined by just the capabilities of the machine, but also the skills of the machine operators. Tiama bridges this skill-gap with its proficient resident engineers.

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