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A game changer in glass production inspection 

With an aim to take productivity levels to a new high in the glass packaging industry, Tiama empowers manufacturers with real-time data and quality controls to minimise human intervention. At a time when industries are reaping the befits of Industry 4.0, the France-based company is challenging the conventional inspection process in glass production by combining smart manufacturing and manufacturing intelligence. “We believe in staying a step ahead of the market and technology transformations. Tiama is currently bringing the capabilities of deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence to the glass packaging industry. Apart from the hollow glass inspection in the food and beverage industry, we are continuously exploring new avenues like pharmaceuticals and more for innovative applications,” begins Max Hodeau, CEO, Tiama. 

With experience spanning over half a century, Tiama has 39 patents to its name. These are a result of new products, innovation, and state-of-the-art solutions engineered by Tiama. Their philosophy resonates with the provision of real-time recommendations and technical data to help their customers—the glassmakers. This allows the latter to deliver products with enhanced quality and productivity.  


At the core of Tiama’s rapid growth in the industry is a platform that provides a holistic view of plant productivity and allows stakeholders to make the right decision anywhere at  any time. The company offers a full range of sensors at the hot-end for monitoring multiple factors—such as gob’s weight, shape and temperature, the position of the article, dimensional measurements, infrared emissivity, and more—throughout the production process. When it comes to detecting defects in the articles, des Roziers explains that machine vision can be a game-changer in producing articles that meet the demands of today’s customers. To be successful in this, he states that manufacturers need three important ingredients: a high-performing product, adept services and their data. That said, Tiama’s modular machine vision platform performs a wide range of measurements and controls customised to the specific requirements of the clients. 

This is an extract of an article published in the magazine “Manufacturing Technology Insights”. To read the full article click here.