HOT lab, a key contributor to Smart Factories

In 2017, Tiama sold 12 HOT lab machines worldwide covering five different continents, including some key global container producers. The Tiama HOT lab now provides quick accurate hot end measurements for customers who produce not only standard beer and wine bottles but also cosmetic ware and wide mouth jars. The unique design of the Tiama HOT lab ensures it provides accurate measurement solutions for the industry’s wide range of glass container designs including many non-round shapes too.


Innovations pushed by a solid experience

During the past year, the Tiama HOT lab has gained valuable feedback from working with new customers. This experience has enabled the company to add even more features, ensuring good customer satisfaction. Some of the new features include:

  • 2D colour charts displaying the sunk and bulge results around the full 360° bottle;
  • Sunk and Bulge measurements of panels on square/rectangular bottles;
  • Data transfer protocol communications for iAfis, SIL, Easier, MySQL;
  • Internal bore profile reports.

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