Tiama: A full range of services to meet customer satisfaction

In response to the growing demand of services from its customers, TIAMA created a special Service Department in 2016. With a team of 70 engineers (speaking 15 languages) all over the world, and seven technical area managers, TIAMA is now organized to meet all the requests in terms of maintenance, training, technical assistance, audit, etc., and can also rely on all the remote assistance tools offered by the company. By improving key customer indicators, TIAMA also ensures that its range of services offer the best payback possible.

What can Glassmakers expect from Tiama Services ?
Each day of service sold to customers must be designed to improve the final quality of the production process. Four major indicators can be enhanced: resorting rate, final customer claims, machine uptime and false reject rate. The goal that Tiama and its customers want to reach together is to improve one or more of these indicators, for each day of service performed. Each progress, however small, will not only lead to a quality gain, but also to financial savings for the customer.

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